Step One: The Solitary Air Traveller

Hello! Yes, I have made it. I am in fact now sat in Brooklyn at what must be 4am British time writing this very post. Needless to say I had too much coffee on the plane.

I had actually never been on a plane on my own before today, let alone a long haul one. Here’s a couple of things I learned/would improve on:

1. Travelling to America you need to have proof of a return flight. I had a return flight booked, but alas did not realise this and had to waste the whole queue’s time whilst I logged into the correct flight company website with my former travel buddy’s details (for some reason we decided to book them in her name).

2. There are no water fountains in Gatwick that I could find – so my cheating the system with an empty plastic bottle was pointless.


4. Whilst booking the seats near the doors was a good idea in terms of leg room, it really confuses the flight attendants if one of your party does not turn up. Instead, they sourced me a helpful man to sit next to.

5. Aforementioned helpful man was especially helpful in key things, ie. Working my fold out TV screen and holding my various glasses of liquid flight attendees kept giving me when I went to the loo. Recommend befriending seat buddy.

6. US customs had no idea what ‘Gatwick’ was when asking me where I had flown from. Would probably just say London in future. Also they ask you for fingerprint scans and various other questions that a barely managed to fumble through.

7. NEW YORK IS SO HOT. And I arrived around 8pm (US time).

8. Brooklyn actually seems a bit scary to walk around when you do not really know where you are going at 9 o’clock at night.

But overall – I am here and I did survive. That was the easy bit right?!

Things that go me through today:

I gotta get thru this by Daniel Beddingfield

Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics (oh dear lord please get this stupid song out of my head)

– My Dad Wrote a Porno – a hilarious podcast my friends have got me into, not a tragic confession

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – had a cheeky rematch of this on the plane

That is all for this evening folks. And now, sleep, before what I can presume will be another sweaty and chaotic day.

– M x


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