It’s Rarely Sunny In Philadelphia

The title of this post is highly accurate. Cloudy, but warm – yes. Thunderstorms most evenings – yes. But sunny? Well, today is the exception.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here in Philly. It is such an easy place to wander about in. The people are friendly. The Mosquitos are friendly (although not in previous years, having at one time wiped out a third of the town through yellow fever). The beer is pretty good and the cute coffee shops are numerous.  


One particular pastime I have developed so far on my travels is finding interesting parks and sitting – people watching or reading a book. It is a cheap way to see a bit more of the local inhabitants and enjoy the warm(ish) weather. 

I even made it to a baseball game. It was good – one of the people in the hostel (City House: Philadelphia Liberty Bell) was going with some friends and invited me along. It felt like a very American event – everyone sitting around munching on hotdogs and peanuts (and something called crab fries – v weird). It was not too hard to pick up, kind of like rounders in the UK, but with nine innings. And the Phillies actually won, which I hear is pretty rare.

***Disclaimer: I did not stay for all nine innings, we left around the seventh and they offered me a lift back to the hostel. By this point we had already been there for three hours***

A couple more good tips:

– the best beer to buy here is probably Yards IPA. It is around 7% and probably the cheapest thing you can get with the highest percentage. Just saying.

– Double check all of the museums before you go. I had a lot of conflicting information about opening times and cost, between my guidebook and the hostel (a lot of it wrong). It is probably easiest to check online or look at 

– Thrift stores in the U.S. are amazing. I visited this one on 9th and South St, an AIDS awareness type thing, that was just a massive treasure trove. I am not joking, I was probably in there for like an hour. I also managed to get four books I have really wanted to read for less than $3. 

– The city is more than a little obsessed with Benjamin Franklin. Literally, anything here if you ask who was responsible for creating it – it was probably Ben Franklin. That dude had no chill.

This is my last day in Philly. I have loved it here and had a great time just wandering. As I write, on my last day, in one of the aforementioned cute coffee shops, sipping on a coconut iced tea (gross – do not bother), I know I will miss it. But it is definitely time to move on.

Next stop, Washington D.C.! 

With love

– M x


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