Washington DC: Capitol!

It has been a wild couple of days! DC has been an absolute blast, something that I am sure was aided by the fact that I was staying with a friend. Well I say friend – when I got there we were acquaintances and we parted as friends (I hope).

DC is quite a bizarre city – almost an Americanised hybrid of London and Paris. I think it probably feels like this because of the grand white stone museums, monuments and federal buildings around the Capitol Hill area and the National Mall. There are lots of little interesting areas though, like brilliantly named Foggy Bottom, Clarendon, DuPont and the classy Georgetown area. 

There is a lot to see and do in DC, with a lot of the key sites being in the National Mall area. For starters, Union Station is actually pretty Harry Potter Gringotts-y in its architecture. From here you come out near Capitol Hill, an interesting place to visit, and can walk along the National Mall. This will take you past most of the Smithsonian museums (there are many-not just one!) and up to the Washington Monument. If you continue walking you will eventually reach the WWII, Korea and Vietnam war memorials, as well as the Lincoln Memorial. It is a lot. If you are thinking of getting it all done in a day it is possible, but means being selective about which museums to see. I went to the Natural History and Air and Space museums – the best bit is, they are all free!

I was actually staying in Falls Church in Virginia for the duration of my time in the area, but here are a couple of things I noted down:

– The Metro/Subway/Tube/whatever you want to call it runs in a very similar way to the London Tube – you can purchase a metro card (like an Oyster card), top it up and then you are charged dependent on where you travel to. In other places (like New York) it was just one flat fare for any journey.

– To get to Georgetown you have to get the bus or walk. They do not like such common things as metro links in Georgetown. Much too nice an area.

– Happy hours are the best time to drink. Things are cheaper (more around the $5 per drink) mark and most places have their happy hours between 4pm-7pm.

– You cannot get very close to the Whitehouse. Apparently people kept chucking stuff over the fence. But it is just past the Washington Memorial so not too out of the way.

Duck Donuts is the best place to get donuts. They are glorious. These were recommended to me and so I am recommending them to you. I had peanut butter icing and Oreo sprinkles. Just saying.

Have just arrived in Chicago after a harrowing 17 hour-ish bus ride. I am sure I shall provide you with the details once I have recovered from the emotional scarring.

Until then

– M x


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