Los Angeles: Road to Hollywood

This post has been a long time in the making – arriving back in the U.K. and moving house have meant that the last couple of days have been pretty manic. Also a lack of wifi has not made life any easier. But anyway.

What can I say about L.A.? It is a very bizarre place – a huge and sprawling city, ridiculously hot, massive contrasts between the rich and poor. None of this is very original. I think in some ways the wealth side of it was weird to see – had a bit of a wander around Beverly Hills and saw plenty of stunning houses and expensive cars. Considering this, I was quite surprised at how run-down the Hollywood Walk of Fame was, all of the buildings around that area looked like they needed a renovation. Or even a bit more street cleaning could have been good. I did get to see a half solar eclipse though (kind of) so that was pretty cool.

Luckily the hostel I was staying in had a pool, this was very necessary in keeping cool! 

Anyway, here are a few useful tidbits for visiting L.A.:

– Public transport in the city is pretty great. You would not think so, considering how many people drive, but there is a good metro system, and buses running every ten minutes. It does take at least an hour to get anywhere though. It was some of the cheapest transport I have experienced in the U.S. though, being $1.75 per trip, but the $7 day pass is definitely worth it as to get to most places requires at least one change.

– You can spend hours on end hiking around the Hollywood sign park. Whilst access to the actual sign is limited, you can get reasonably close to it for photos, even if in reality it still seems pretty far off. Take more water than you think you will need – it gets pretty damn hot up there.

– The Farmer’s Market is a good place to go for decent food and a bit of an explore. Allow yourself a bit of time to wander, as there is lots to see.

– Venice Beach is probably the best place to go for a bit of a swim and a nice beach day. The water was nowhere near as cold as I was expecting, maybe it is because I am used to the U.K. temperatures, who knows. From here you can walk to Santa Monica pier, which takes around 30 minutes, which is pretty interesting to see at night – has a very carnival feel. Also the sunsets are beautiful!

Hope this is helpful. Plan to spend a bit of time mulling over the trip, then will post a sort of summing up of my experiences. If I can find wifi. 

Until then

– M x


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