USA: So What Have I Learned?

It has been almost two weeks since I got back from my first solo travel trip. Honestly, it was one of the randomest, funnest (I realise neither of these are strictly words) couple of months of my life, and an invaluable learning experience. No, I would not say I have 'found myself' or 'learnt the … Continue reading USA: So What Have I Learned?


Nashville: Lil Bit Country

Howdy ya'll! I think it is time to let you know about my trip to Nashville. Nashville was basically on my list of places to go for its links to the American Country music scene. After that, I was not expecting much. As a city it does everything that it says on the tin - … Continue reading Nashville: Lil Bit Country

How did I get here?

I am going to be spending five weeks (36 days) attempting to travel the 2,800 odd miles from New York to Los Angeles. All very exciting. If that was not enough, I am planning to make this voyage of discovery alone. In fact, this will be my first solo trip.